Just to remind you all ! WHS Index Applies

P.I.G.S. Rules 2022 ref,16.

Society Members of all sections will play individual competitions (including National Event) using their lowest WHS Handicap Index (or Society awarded equivalent),this being subsequently converted into their appropriate Course Handicap for the venue being played. A further adjustment to their Course Handicap using an allowance of 95% will then be applied to determine each members Playing Handicap for the venue being played. Each Section Committee shall have authority to adjust their members Handicap Index for local Society Meetings.


London Section Update

Our first meeting of 2022 was held at the Berkshire Golf Club with 22 members and 9 guests in attendance, all enjoying two rounds in fine weather on courses which were in lovely condition. The work The Berkshire have been doing clearing old growth and restoration work on both  courses was certainly evident. As usual the catering was to a high standard.

 Winner of the BP Plastics Trophy was Rob Cohen with 37 points- the trophy returns to the Morelli Group boardroom for another year.

Winner of the Waghorne Trophy (junior) was Stephen Vale with 33 points

Winner of the Stanley Brian Trophy was David Connolly with 37 points.

Guest Prize went to Ben Loader with a great score of 42 points. At least one Loader can win something!!!

The afternoon Greensomes was won by Steve and Peter Heddon with 42 points well ahead of the field.

In accordance with society rules Rob Cohen, Stephen Vale and David Connolly are each cut 2 shots from their playing handicaps for the remainder of the season.

A Big Thank You goes to our sponsors for the day Phil Matton, Peter Richardson and the Morelli Group

Congratulations to all the trophy winners but in reality the quality of both courses together with such fine weather made all those who attended the ultimate winners.

Our next daily meeting is at wonderful Walton Heath on Wednesday 22nd June and, we have been able to squeeze a few more tee times from them. 

Midland Pigs event at Beau Desert Golf Club

Thursday 16th June 2022

Last Thursday Midland Pigs were once again playing one of their long time favourite golf courses  at Beau Desert in Staffordshire.True to form the course was in excellent condition and proved challenging to say the least! Wayward shots were punished dramatically with the rough as  unforgiving as ever. However, by way of consolation the weather was sunny and warm and all together a real treat. 

The occasion also presented the opportunity to host and welcome the PIGS National President, David Johnston and North West secretary Mike Field accompanied by other members from the North aiming to rob Midlands of their silverware! All to no avail I'm afraid as both trophies were retained.

Congratulations go to Colin Sarson on winning the Bakelite Trophy (first won in 1935) with 35 Points and thankfully keeping his son in his place...just! David Sarson the Runner Up came in with 34 Points.

Pictured top right is Richard Orme of Distrupol Ltd who very kindly sponsored the occasion. Colin Sarson looks a very happy Winner on being presented with the trophy by the President David Johnston.

Pictured bottom right is Winner of the Healey Trophy Phil Hulland being presented by the President. A relative new Midland society member Phil will I am sure become a recipient of further stroke reductions going forward if he keeps to his current form. Runner Up for the trophy with a back nine recovery of 18 to make a total of 30 points was Jon Wilkinson. Also with a total of 30 points was Paul Martindale who came along as a guest and won the Visitor Prize  

All together a great day was had by all and, once again, a big thanks to Distrupol for sponsoring the event.

Len Strong





Captain Steve Hancox with Jim Butler

North West Section playing their opening fixture at  Leasowe Golf Club. Thursday 24th March 2022

A glorious day was had by all and, a big thank you to NICK BROWN for sponsoring the event.

In wonderful sunshine playing for the Zytell Trophy, Jack Travis came in with a score of 50pts !!! Runner Up David Johnston (National President) posting a slightly more moderate result of 43pts !!! Congratulations also go to James Wragg on winning the Visitor Prize. The event was also attended by fellow PIGS members from the Midlands and Yorkshire sections.

Pictured Left: Liam Killough N/West Captain (centre) presenting the Zytell Trophy to winner Jack Travis (right)


Woodhall Spa 2021

Our "National Event" was again held at Woodhall Spa despite much anxiety during the run up to the September date due to Covid uncertainty. The 40 plus attendees from all sections descended upon the Woodhall Clubhouse with eager anticipation of playing Tuesdays' pairs competition and the forecast rain was certainly not going to spoil their day!
Player numbers dictated a single pair was to lead the field and so Philip Bell (President) and Len Strong (National Sec) were first to tee off. With only light rain falling the rest of the field began to follow but unfortunately the "light stuff" very soon turned in to "stair rods" without any let up.

The President and Nat, Sec, paddled on despite the atrocious conditions when keeping dry was just not an option. Progress around the course became difficult, the downpour was unrelenting with torrents of rainwater washing over fairways and greens alike until eventually on the 14th green the towel was thrown in at the suggestion of the green staff. Sad and soaked to the skin we all headed back to the clubhouse with our trolleys making bow waves as we "surfed" along the fairways!

Needless to say the Petwood Hotel was a welcome sight to us all, with guest rooms being quickly converted into  heaven sent "drying rooms". However, fully restored with the aid of some preferred lubrication we all sat down to a very enjoyable meal and the usual banter. It had been decided to compete again for the pairs Invoco Trophy concurrent with Beetle and Cyril Last Trophies the following day.

Wednesday morning was accompanied by a dramatic change in the weather, the organiser was partially forgiven for not managing it properly the previous day and we all set off buoyed with confidence to play the Hotchkin, remarkably the course had dried out beyond all expectation. David Johnston the newly elected President led the field together with one of the four section finalists David Connolly (London) competing for the Beetle Trophy. The weather was indeed kind to us and the course was in beautiful condition. The challenging greens, the daunting bunkers (so many of them) and the long carries of Heather just to reach the fairway all contributed to a mix of both trepidation and achievement we are all familiar with. A good day was had by all.

The Gala Evening Dinner, trophy awards and prize giving, all accompanied by the usual intersection rivalry was an excellent way to conclude our 2021 National Event. It had been a difficult year, a slow start to our season with venues being cancelled early on due to Covid restrictions and, almost certainly, some personal tragedies. A year to reflect and all of us appreciative, we were there to enjoy the company of old friends.

                                                                    Winners 2021
Beetle Trophy                                  Rob Hawthorne (Midlands)
Cyril Last Trophy                             Philip Bell (London)
Invoco Challenge (Pairs)                Dominic Brown (Yorks), Rob Laceby(Midlands)
Monsanto Trophy                            Team Event (London)
Porker Trophy                                   David Jordan (Yorks)

Len Strong, National & Midlands Secretary


Despite all the joviality during the evening some photo's were salvaged. apologies for the pic quality